19, london based, pictures and things by me

billie turnbull

19, london based, pictures and things by me

Anonymous said: Hi Billie! Just wondering, do you cut your hair yourself? I love it but i'm not sure how to describe it to my hair stylist

yeah i do, i can never get hairstylists to understand that i dont want it cut well and i like it really uneven so i just do it myself with a razor & get someone else to do the back with clippers. dont bother with a hairdresser if you want it as shit as mine just go for it

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and again
my boy

booboothegremlin said: I just read your post about your studio! If I was interested in doing something in the future do I just email you? xxxxx

contact us at  and me or Dora will get back to you xx xx

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I’ve finally made the decision to stop modelling and I’m feeling very good about it. i had lots of fun with it lots of times but altogether it was a very emotionally draining thing to be involved with. super excited about investing all the energy it sapped into new projects and concentrating on improving my experiences rather than my appearance.

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Our lovely friend AZA SHADE made a fucking brilliant film for @showstudio. Billie you too did an amazin job!


Film by Aza Shade for SHOWSTUDIO starring me x

harrygregory said: i have fallen in love with your photography, just the way you capture simplicity and life in general is beautiful, you are definitely one of my biggest motives to continue with my own photography in the hope that one day i could maybe capture beautiful photographs like you, thank you for reading this :) x

this is really kind and makes me happy thank you x

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